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Monday, July 21, 2014

2016 Stillwater Typhoon

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders throws hat into the presidential ring if, and only if, he can capture the 69 million disenfranchised voters, who won/t vote in the next presidential election, is like saying God will only save you all if He can capture the vote of those 69 million disenfranchised Pagans at Burning Man Festival, in Nevada this September first, 2014.
Sorry, Bernie. I still think you are the greatest politician since Edmund Burke, but what the nation needs is a Super Daddy that can cuddle alll the disenfranchised peoples, all over the face of the globe, into a sense of well being, and a great deal of Hope == giving the average Joe his share of Success, Satisfaction, and Achievement; You do that, and you will win the World!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Ball Room Dancing

Ball Room Dancing requires sho3s where the souls are leather: Full Leather soles. If you don't have shoes with leather soules, you can't ball room Dance. Two hundred shcool girls abductucted and sold into slavery,,,,,,,, unacceptable. Think they will ever learn how to ball room dance?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Research E_XP. Complete Details

Jump started a "PaGe" on google plus. 
Didn't even register, back in the day, for the site "Vine", it was "Vimeo", and from the very start they had a snooty attitude, whereas, "Vine" has reach. They have viral. They have "sHoRtIes"; like looking at a peepshow format; hit the mime and go viral, quick. Loads on twitter, and google plus. But, back to the point.

I wanted to post a photo to my blog; this blog can't because it is so old, and outdated, that it really doesn't belong to blogger anymore. Blogger belongs to google, and google calls the shots. 
Here, the saving grace was the embedded html code, early on, when the site was made to link to the other. Somehow, the details escape, the other blog got the upgrade, and this one stayed the same. Techno-Quickening of the race to reach the top of the feeding chain with RSS is all in the code. Know the code and build a better future economic model.
That being said, my magic numbers are....... kidding.
Most of the changes that have taken place for the average online user come about as a result of the modifications made to SMILE; and path; x-path; xml-Dom; xhtml; shtml; html5, to scale for the mobile devices. Because of the nature of the marketplace, it seems that developers were waiting to see just what platform hardware would take the lead. Smart phones and tablets have been teased out of the manufacture form into the global industrial, military, entertainment complex, and changes were made to the node across the network. As a result, the average home computer user group is on fiber optic paying for the triple play: Voice(VoIP), Internet(VPN), Television(Telcos,ppv,onDemand streaming video, dvr). That is just the home computer based fiber optic subscriptions. These machines are becoming obsolete because of the smartphone and tablet demand in the market place. Hence, the software in the old towers go obsolete and the user must buy a new computer to have his experience play nice with the nodes on the network.
All of this means.............. there are still 288 television stations on premium subscriptions over cable, AND, still nothing on. Also, smartphone usage incorporating Apps is just the beginning of the way people are using Techno-Quuick. Tablet usage will leverage wifi-app technology to such a degree that it will interface with the smartphone, which will interface with the large screen TV in the home, making standard computer usage in the hommea thing of the past.

Smooth Spring Transition With Digitalis Video_Dj_er oser roneous

The way to store a photo on google has changed. To wrap it to another addy in an email is really a challenge. Ten minutes to get the go. Lets' try it.Smooth. Now All I have to do is figure a way to send a pic instead of a link.So, no can do. Oh, I just remembered that this is not the account blog that I post pics to. The would be over on the Sister blog Little Hill Press I will try the posting of an image from google albums, there.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Zenful Aging

Aging zen_fully just isn't edgy enough. Doesn't get the juices flowing like a gin and tonic, or camera set-up does. The sky is grey, cloudy dull, and the indoor temperature, without electric heat, fifty degrees this morning at sunrise. What else to do on a drab picture taking day, but officiate over masking credit card information for the newly popular, and in demand: the one; the only, dubious, noxious, sugar_daddy there ever was, Video_Djer oser eroneous.
If, for any reason, any of you out there have snapped together an on-line shopping cart, or storefront, I know you have encountered these particularly difficult officiating tasks, so you know how a grey, drab cloudy dull day can evaporate into the ethernet of the last mile: Zenful Aging; The Final Touches To You, A Masterpiece.
As with all common business prospects, market placement, branding, packaging, and delivering the goods are all mashed together, and in order to tease out the bottom line, it is necessary to navigate this new web we weave. This is time consuming for the average bread winner. Another weight to carry around, pestered by a device you carry around in your pocket. Sorta, kinda like what the ring does to Frodo in Lord Of The Rings. Now you can tell how zenfully aged I really am. 
Then you receive disturbing news from other zenfully aging people in your network. This news puts your radar on alert; the process is at the canvas level; unleash VoIP, OTR, PGP, VPN; get your google-zon wishlist hotlink thing embedded into every social network you belong to; Wallet; Verisign; TRUST; payPale; TMT--Bit coin.
Suddenly, out of the brain falls a small gem. It has its rough edges, but maybe that is part of the charm. Things seem to fall together automatically, small pieces of the puzzle, so to say; little tools saved in your traveling magic bag of tricks that you collected, not knowing why, or even when you would ever use them, blunt: that there would be a time: NOW
Finally, you begin to copy and paste, copy and paste. A new creation starts to emerge. Just the idea of it brings Joy to the senses. Maybe not the content of the idea, but just the idea of it existing out there, and then spilling out onto the canvas. There is the joy of living it. 
Maudlin isn't my only deflector. My lucky #'s 11, 48, 4, 12, 54, 7.

Picture your next Queer, Alternative, BDSM, Suspension Party starring Video_Djer oser roneous mixing it up on the large screen TVs' , over by the garden BBQ grill, providing service all around a comfortable spacious stage area providing the visual/audio magic that goes along with every Queer, Alternative, BDSM Suspension Party. A Party that you, your friends,  your family will always remember warmly over a hot cup on long winter nights. Picture perfect video and music integration dazzles your party guests, as they participate in the spectacle being mixed on the large screen TVs' by Video_Djer oser roneous. As host, you just relax with your invited guests, and enjoy A fabulous meal, singing and dancing, guests uncovered;  fondling party memories on DVD; on sale at the door, with you, the Host, NOT having to lift a finger. Invite Video_Djer oser roneous, fully staffed multi-media queer; alt.; BDSM party service, to direct your next queer; alt.; BDSM Suspension party. Book Today! Reservations on-line Book Video_Djer oser roneous

Trigger warning was Raunch Culture. Main stream commerce still depends on a certain form of sublimation decorum. Step beyond the invisible line drawn, and risk brand failure. Or, worse, delete! 
In the process of re-sublimation, "edgy" becomes-0-buzz word. If it isn't edgy, then it isn't re-sublimated, it is over the line. If it is over the line, then it isn't in my best interests to make this one of the means, try another. The new economy model for the Artful Zen-fully Aging population, if they can navigate the virtual space is, get yourself a wallet from your favorite bit-coin vendor, and set up your electronic banking dogecoin, or litecoin, or whatever new startup catches your attention. These startups are B$B or B4B. Just how far can the sublimation take you? Using the tools in the magic bag of tricks, is there any way to make the Tribute page work as a means to the end? There is only one way to find out. Make a tribute page, and snap it to your social networking pages.  If you find this too difficult, ask a friend to help. Over time it gets more familiar and less threatening as you build your web of diversion: Obfuscation. Likely the Raunch Culture is some sort of de-sublimated Obfuscation. Take your eye off the ball kinda thing. Starring Video_Djer oser roneous. As the example of snapping it together. It makes new economy model for the Artful Zen-fully Aging population sense. Keep it simple and you can scale it across platforms. Jointtoday:four_twenty.

Today there was no video. Today was dealing with the iTunes on apple. Streaming radio from the install is broke. It happened after I made the connection back into my podcasts stash from the Store screen. It was just an obfuscation deflection. The real matter was the new set-up for the Tribute page. For the tribute page to work, there must be a wallet page. I have not set up a wallet page, and I have seen the same lament on twitter. Further notifications about updates need better security upgrade. I do not have the better security upgrade. Is getting a better security upgrade as easy as embedding a hotlink? Needs further research. With so many pages that need digestion in order to process a new ofbuscation deflection, I would need more Zenful Aging time. I was surprised by the quality of Bartlet Pears I bought at the store. I didn't think it was the right time for pears. Delicious. Blogging into oblivion is Delicious.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


The last email might have had elements not allowed with this method of post. That being said:

Spring Cleaning in progress. Desktops and work your way down to the big chunks. First item of discovery? Note sticky from last season 12-13 with the address of a new restaurant in Rahway, New Jersey. I took this guy's vacation booking to ski Killington, Vermont. The name of his new operation is Luciano's Italian Ristorante the owner can be reached out to for private bookings: Michael Merlis, just so you know. Maybe I shouldn't mention So. Vt. couple who are soulful & open. And you are supposed to believe this because of the three png pics in the body of the message on craigslist. Pic one is the main one and is a couple sitting back to back on the ground and their heads are a burst of colour mingling together up, into the reaches of the infinity. Second pic is a young couple, seen on a sidewalk suggesting a stroll back from the library, but the sidewalk extends into a round black hole. Last, Blue People. Or, Maybe I could explain the QPDoll winner concept to the next poster in the "women seeking men" catalogue on craigslist. Her "selfie" triggered the concept of a perfect example of a 50's Pin-up, and the title of the shot would be "QPDollWinner". That could even be the subject line of the email reply; all part of the concept "pay to play" racquet ball afternoons. She is looking for a NON-Smoker(no420?Even), go on, dances in the kitchen, sings in the shower, and the best time to call. She will travel, and even likes it that way. She has kids, but how many? Does she have a job, or is this her only bit ness. She is hispanic, and somewhat religious, though no choir girl, and wants the same, so contact numbers are non-negotiable. The way to best present the case is to negotiate a tribute. That's it, a tribute. So, the plan would be to meet-up for coffee at a local public shopping mall. There, we could introduce ourselves, have coffee, and shop for accessories to the shoot. Find out preferences for make-up, and desired MUA, if needed. Then, locate any secondhand shops, vintage shops, and possible locations for the stage. All this in an email to a "Selfie-self poster, poser" on craigslist. Might have to sweeten the pot with a lunch, or dinner thrown into the mix. But, hey, whaddya want, anyway, just a QPDollWinner is all.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interview With CEO and President of JoyZ Over New Product Development

Today it became clear that it is only a matter of time before the United States will roll out a brand of e-Cigarette, ie. Personal Vaporizor, PV,  electronic inhaler that vaporises a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, that will be disposable and contain a branded form of THC. Discussing the possibilities with CEO AirBrush Mark, and knightsublime, President Of JoyZ Gifts and Cards at their headquarters in the Green Mountains of Vermont, each were confident that the roll-out was only a matter of time.
Until there is a two thirds majority of the United states over the legalization of THC and THC products, this is still a very niche market, and the time line for such a product is still in the development stages, said CEO AirBrush Mark. 
There cannot be a vote on the Senate floor for a change in the U.S. constitution until such time as a quarum can be formed, made into a national debate, voted on and passed for an end of the prohibition of the growing and distribution of marijuana, and a change in the constitutional law covering these issues, said President of JoyZ, knightsublime. Until that time JoyZ cannot proceed with the development and distribution of disposable  liquid THC flavored filled cartridges that can be used with the now common Personal Vaporizors, of e-cigarettes as they are commonly called, commented CEO ABMark. When that day comes, said knightsublime, JoyZ Cards and Gifts will be on the cutting edge of distribution of a disposable THC filled e-Cigarette cartridge (mouthpiece)
Vaporization is truely the only optimal way to deliver high grade THC to the consumer for the money he pays for the THC product, said ABMark. 
This interview was conducted here, live at Lost Inn Vermont, headquarters for JoyZ Cards and Gifts, to solidify they're position in the war on smoking cessation. It took place on a rain filled day on 6/4/13.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To The Editor

Letter to the Editor,
This is what I found out while searching for Vermont Maturity Magazine on-line this morning, Sunday morning, after
reading The Mountain Times article in their latest issue: The Central Vermont 50+ Expo
draws Baby Boomers and seniors to Killington Grand Resort Hotel for...and concluded with a contact email address
for Stephanie.
What I discovered:  That the first president of Middlebury College was Cyrl Hamlin. A missionary from Waterford, Maine.
Devoted to education, he was elected president of the Middlebury College in 1880. He came to Vermont after
serving as professor of dogmatic theology at Bangor Theological Seminary.    
Meanwhile, I'm jumping around wikipedia dot org, all over the Aegean Sea, Turkey, clicking on all related
information, when I came upon a school that is the oldest off-shore American institution still in existance, Robert
College. The school was built, with the help of the Congressional and Presbyterian churches, by Christian Robert, a
wealthy American philanthropist, and co-founder Cyrl Hamlin, Missionary, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, cerca 1863.
Curiously, I clicked on it.
This is where the digging really gets interesting for communities here in Vermont, and especially instutions like
Middlebury College. Both men, devoteted as they were to education, layed the foundation for Robert College, in
Istanbul, and I'll bet dollars to dougnuts that they both figured that to make ends meet, they must turn the school
co-educational. In Istanbul. In 1863 during  the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. 
Now, Im thinking that this could make a screen play; intregue, gymnasium, boys/girls, Turkey, Istanbul, Califate,
Islam, Christianity, Ottoman Empire, rumor, inuendo, salacious underpinnings, The Fire, moving the college, the
money, the way out, the death of beloved, the escape, Yankee go home, professor mantle, president of college and
the turning around of a failing institution. And that failing institutution was Middlebury College, Vermont.
All of the elements right there in front of me for a wonderful period piece movie of two young influential
American men being outed in a foreign country, ruled by Murad V at the turn of the century; who's rule lasted
93 peculiar days; was deposed by his brother Abdul Hamid II on the cusp of war with Russa, when a mysteriously
veiled  Islamic uprising caused a fire in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, cerca, 1876, and burned the town and Robert
College to dust. For Cyrl Hamlin, however, there was an urgent need to leave Turkey and return to the U.S. of A.,
take up position on staff at Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, Maine. Christian Robert had died; cause unknown? Most of his
remaining sizeable fortune left to the institution.
All of this, in fact, came from what I found on this particular Yahoo search; a search for Vermont Maturity
Magazine. What I needed was a reason to contact the magazine to find out what this publication was about and if
there were possibilities of striking up a relationship.
What I really found was that your API Key is out of date for Google Maps. I took
two screen shots of the warning and concidered sending them along, but thinking better of it now; opening email
attachmnents from unknown senders is a NoNo!!
I might add here, that I like my searchs wide and varied; first clicking on the hot link for Lake Champlain
Regional Chamber of Commerce, a Yahoo cache of VERMONTdot ORG (This is where I get the message that your API Key is
out of date.), then Clicking O.K., I choose from Search, the site VERG.
This led me to your Rescources page: Dots, and Life Elephants.
My first thought was that these organizations were IT organizations, and that it might be better for me to contact
them about your out of date google API Key, rather than bother you with these matters.
Finally, I choose Vermont Maturity Magazine proper  And because I am a photographer, writer, travel enthusiast, I
began my search in the travel section. I did this to familiarize myself with your style on-line.  I blog about
such things in my google blog, a photo-travel log of sorts at:
While scrolllig and reading the articles, I found one with the picture of a cruise ship that was too inviting to
pass by. I am a senior, afterall, and articles like these bring me in to read the text. And that is what led me to
the site Wikipedia(dot)org. I was looking for information on the destination port  for this ship and found a Greek-Turkey
destination port on: the Bosphporus, Istanbul.
My travel adventures are much like my internet searchs: wide and varied. I do like traveling and have a long time
relationship with photography. If you would like any more of either of these services, please feel free to contact me at this
email address.
Cordially yours, knightsublime